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Quinta da Cancela is a 300 year old property, in the family for 6 generations. In 2007 the 1720 house was restored with all the comforts of modern life, with 6 suites and a cottage, our "Dolls' House", but always respecting its rural Minho matrix.

Above all, the project has always been to create the sustainability of the property, sharing the house with guests and defining a strategy of quality and differentiation for the winemaking part, thus allowing the preservation of this legacy, which would otherwise be at risk.

Quinta da Cancela is not a hotel... it is a family house, which only makes sense when we share it... with family, friends and guests... who become friends and come from more than 50 different countries!

Our wine is not just a bottle... it's a little piece of our vineyards, of our dedication and tenacity, which each one of us carries with us, and which has been handed down through our hands dozens of times... it wasn't processed in a factory... it was trodden in a 300-year-old wine press!s


Quinta da Cancela has a fantastic list of distinctions, which show our daily commitment, year after year, to welcome those who visit us with unequalled hospitality, but also with a level and quality of service that is above average. 

We are an award winning "Guesthouse", nº1 on TripAdvisor in Guimarães, Braga District and TOP 5 in the North Portugal out of about 1400 houses of its kind, with more than a dozen distinctions over the years.


Sustainability is not a fashion for us, it is a way of life! 

As our project is a legacy for future generations, nothing is more important than thinking about those who will come before us and preparing the World we want to leave them!

Some of our good practices are outlined below.

In Vine & Wine

  • Every month, manual operations of delimbing, defoliation and green pruning guarantee the aeration and solar exposure of the vines' trellises, reducing the risk of fungus and consequently reducing the need for chemical treatments.
  • Reduced copper and sulphur treatments
  • Grassing the soil, without using mowers and without ploughing, which maintains the structure and ecosystem in the soil, the balance of plants and water retention in the soil.
  • We do not irrigate our vineyards
  • No use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers
  • Manual harvest of the grapes
  • Wine fermentation in the original 300 year old granite wine press and foot treading
  • Manual, handmade production of about 5000 bottles/year.
  • VEGAN winemaking method, without the addition of animal products.

The House and its restoration

  • The complete restoration of our 1720 house was done using traditional and local materials (wood, granite, tiles and clay tiles).
  • Adega ECO Arquitectura Use and recycling of maritime containers and materials; Insulation with expanded clay balls and cork agglomerate in an inverted garden roof.
  • Reuse of granite stone available "on site", and reuse and recycling of old gates and hardware
  • Transformation of a 50-year-old pond into a swimming pool, with natural running water from a mine, with minimal or no use of chemicals.
  • By option, the house does not have air conditioning, but has 80 cm granite walls and passive solar exposure in order to use passive natural heating and cooling.

Daily Operations

  • Over 50% of the food, fruit, vegetables, wines and beverages consumed by our guests are either produced by us, by family or locally, within a radius of less than 5 kms.
  • Use of clean, low-emission energies; Electricity and natural gas for heating.
  • All machines A++ Class, also using ECO programs for saving water and electricity; Very low consumption LED lighting
  • Firewood for fireplaces only using firewood from prunings; no trees are cut down for firewood.
  • Reuse and recycling of cardboard, metal and plastic packaging;
  • Reuse and recycling of paper
  • Invoicing for customers and suppliers 90% in electronic format.

Organic Gardens & Horticultural Gardens

  • Lawns made from a mixture of native grasses and turf to increase drought resistance, without herbicides or ferticides.
  • Organic flowers Seasonal organic fruit and vegetables, Orange, Lemon, Pear, Apple, Chestnut, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Pumpkin, Tomato, Carrot, Cucumber, Peppers, Parsley, Coriander, Onions, etc ...
  • Spring Water and rainwater management system
  • Garden composting.

Clean & Safe

Quinta da Cancela is ready to receive its guests!

  • We have implemented all the "Clean & Safe" rules and procedures and gone even further!
  • We have reduced the number of reservations.
  • We eliminate common areas and provide exclusive areas for each "group";
  • We have implemented a minimum 24-hour delay between bookings;
  • We have created 3 exclusive and separate zones in our pool.
  • Our pleasant breakfast is again served exclusively for each "group".
  • All this, with the hospitality and service of excellence that we accustom our guests, national and international, still with special prices and conditions for FAMILIES!

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